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How To Make $300 In Less Than 28 Days With Google Adsense(Make Money Online 2022 Easily)

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Hello guys, am john from phlexnaija and welcome to this blog.

They are lot of ways one can use in making money online but most of them takes time and in most cases requires money.

Well as you can see on title, i will be sharing with you a new strategy that made me over $300 in less than one month doing literally nothing.

You can later use this money to venture into a very passive and lucrative online business.

I made this money from the 2 days old google adsense account i sold.

In Nigeria, the demand for adsense account is very high and it do not look like coming down any moment from now.

Same also applies to every country as long as google adsense program is available there.

The most interesting part of this business is that the buyer is ready to buy the adsense account at any amount.

This might sound new to you but at  the end of this detailed post, you will understand everything about this business model. Make sure you read to end step by step.

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Most of you reading this post may have zero idea on what google adsense is.

Google adsense is a platform owned by google to enable content creators and webmaster monetize their content by giving google the permission to display advert from advertisers on your content which can be either youtube or blog.

Probably, you may have visited a website and in few minutes you will begin to see ads displaying on the website, most of this adverts are usually displayed by google adsense.

Many content creator that allow google adsense to display ads on their contents do make alot of money on a monthly basis. That us why people are buying it.



Well you won't be making money from google adsense directly, the aim is to get google adsense approval on your site and after that you sell the adsense account.

To achieve this follow this steps as written in this post.


The first approach to venturing in to this business model is to get a website.

You can never get google adsense approval without a website.

This seems to be the essential part and the foundation if you want  make atleast $300 in a month.

Create a website  and this website can be anything like;


If you're a lazy type, this type of website is what you should create to achieve your goal.

This type of website requires a one-time setup and you are good to go, no need for you be updating it daily. All you have to do is to make people visit your website and maybe use the tools.

Whilst i was trying this business model, i used an online tool called A-Z seo tools, you can >>>CLICK HERE<<< to see the demo.

This website has a lot if helpful tools/features as you can see on the demo and because of that google approve this type of website into their adsense program quickly.

This script for this website is cost over a $100 with set up on the codecanyon which is the official website where the script was created but because you are reading this post, i will give out the script  and help you set it up with no stress at a very affordable rate, if you want that simply >>>CLICK HERE<<< to check out our pricing page.

Using the online tool website strategy to do this business model is a very fast and not-stressful approach to making atleast $300 in less than month.


This type of website are for the hardworking ones and those that don't want to get the money easily.

It requires you to create a website, write unique articles that solve problems.

Your articles must be 100% plagarized(scrapped/copied) free. 

This type of website gets approval on adsense program through your contents.

If you are not in a hurry to make atleast $300 in less than a month then getting a blog site for google adsense approval is a good one.


Immediately your website(online tools/blog site) is up and running, the next thing for you to do is to start creating awareness to your website which can be done by sharing your website to different forums, social media e.t.c.

If you are using the online tool strategy, all you have to do is to find people either in social media or forum that need that tool.

In the A-Z SEO TOOLS, there is a popular tool there which is the article re-writer/spining tool. This tool alone gets me around 200 visitors daily.

On the internet you need content to break out and create awareness to your business but to write a very good content is hard that is why the article re-writing/spinning tool helps us re-write our competitors article in few seconds with zero stress.

If you are using the blog webaite strategy, then write contents that you know will solve a lot of people problem.

Write contents on a popular niche like make money online, marketing, fashion and beauty e.t.c.

Make sure your content is a very unique and a solving problem content.

Set a goal to make atleast 100 people to visit your site on a daily basis.

2 hours of your time daily will make you acheive that. In my view, there is no hassle at all for those using the online tools website strategy.



After 15-20 days of working actively on your website by promoting it to the public, the next thing to do which is the main reason for starting this business is to apply for google adsense.

If you are using the online tool strategy, to get adsense approval very fast, make sure you have about 50-100 people daily visiting your website to use your tools.

If you're going for the blog website strategy make sure you have atleast 15-20 unique articles of over 800 words with a minimal of 50 people daily visiting your site before applying for google adsense.

Doing this requirement will increase your chance of getting approved into the adsense program by 98%.


While promoting your website to social media, make sure you don't just share your website url directly so as not allow adsense bot not to track your traffic source.

This can be done by  using URL GUARD to protect your url before sharing. URL GUARD is different from url shortening. Url guard protect your website while url shortening is to shorten your long url.

The similar feature they both have is that they show you the number of people that click on your URL.

You can use URL GUARD tools like Xoomato to guard your url before sharing.


The most joyous and interesting part of this business is when you wake up one morning and see the goodnews from google adsense that your site is now ready to show ads.

Incase you get rejected the first time, apply immediately with another email address within the same day you were rejected.

Selling a google adsense account with website is not as hard as you think.

It does not requires any special guide to this.

Just a quick and simple post on any internet narketing facebook group can make your DM filled up with lots of serious buyers.


You can place a bid, the highest will take the adsense account.

Note: getting the script for the A-Z TOOLS on codecanyon which is the official website the script was created is very expensive. It is cost a $100 but am giving it at a very cheaper rate for  you to start making money.

Simply >>>CLICK HERE<<< to check out our A-Z seo tool pricing page. It is very affordable 

In conclusion, This detailed post is what i did to make $300 and it wasn't up to a month.

I was determined to try it out when i first saw it on a post online and finally it worked for me so i decide to share with the interested ones.

If you really find value in this post please share with your friends that want to make money online quickly and don't forget to join us on telegram.

Hello Am John Onyedum, i am a web designer, researcher, graphic designer, content creator, tech guru and that happy guy you can trust๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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