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How To Test Out Apps On Google Playstore Without Downloading Them

can i test apps on playstore without downloading? Is it possible to test apps on playstore

Hello guys, am John from phlexnaija and welcome to this wonderful website.

They are times someone will refer you to an app, but you feel that when you download app, it will be waste of time and mobile data and at the end when you finally download and install it, you will find out that the app is a crappy one.


Well in this post as you can see on the title, i will be working you through the process on how you can activate this settings on your phone.

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With that been said let's dive right in...

How To Try Apps From Playstore Without Downloading Them?
Follow every steps as writen below to activate this feature on your smartphone and save you stress and save me un-necessary questions.

1. First make sure your play store is up to data. To check that simply scan through the steps,

Open google playstore, and click the icon symbol at the top right corner of the app

On the displayed options, simply click on settings

On the next page simply scroll down to the about section and click on it 

Scroll down  a little bit and then tap the update playstore option

If the playstore is updated, it will show you on a pop up that it is updated, if not so, it will be downloaded automatically.

2. Now you will wanna update two of your already built in app, which is chrome and google or any other browser or any pre-installed app, i won't insult your intelligence by showing you how to update an app.

3. Open your phone settings, and look for the option with google play instant, if you can't find it simply use the search bar to search for it, when you see it simply click on it and turn it on

4. In most cases, it will be difficult for you to find the google play instant option from your settings, simply head over to playstore and click on the icon at the top right

On the displayed menu, click on settings and then select GENERAL 

On the sub menu under General, you will find the google play instant option, simply click on it, it will then take you to your settings, simply turn it on because it will be switch off by default.

5. That's all you now have the feature to test app before downloading them.

Whenever you want to download an app, instead of showing only install, you will see try now beside it.

Note: Not all apps gives you access to try them, on google play store out of 100% of the apps, you can only try 88% of them.


In conclusion, i hope this post solves one of your problem because in most cases, this apps get installed on your phone without internet data, maybe as a result of testing it.

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Hello Am John Onyedum, i am a web designer, researcher, graphic designer, content creator, tech guru and that happy guy you can trust๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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