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How To Send Messages To Whatsapp Groups(Only Admin Can Send Message

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Hello guys, am John from phlexnaija and welcome to this blog.


Are you in a WhatsApp group and the admin have set it to "only admin can send messages"? And you really want to send message?.

You know this type of group usually have high engaging and active members, they are lot of reasons why you want to send messages to this group and one of them  should be referring this people to a certain stuff.

Alright, in this post as you can see on the title, i will be walking you through the process on how you can send messages to any WhatsApp group the admin have set it to only admin can send message.

This method is tested and trusted, it  works perfectly.

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With that been said let's dive right in...


To acheive this without stress, follow the steps below. Make sure you read to the end, i have a bonus for you all.

Before trying this out, make sure the admin of the group is in your contact and the admin have your number in their contact book.

1. Open your WhatsApp(Any version of WhatsApp by Mark Zukerberg will work)

2. Now select the group you wish to send message to,

3. Open the group's info interface, scroll down and click on "Media Visibility"

4. And in the pop up option, select "NO"

5. Now Go to your WhatsApp homepage and click the three dot at the top right.

6. On the pop up options, click on settings to continue

7. In the next page, simply click on "ACCOUNT" Option to continue

8.  you will be prompted to a new page, simply click on "PRIVACY" option to continue.

9. On the next page, scroll down and look for the read receipt option and turn it off

10. Scroll a little bit and click on  the contacts option and select only my contact

Click done to continue

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11. Now go to your  settings and open WhatsApp setting, you can simply do this by holding the app for long from your phone homepage

12. Now Force stop the WhatsApp app and click on storage

13. Simply click on clear caches to clear the app cache.

Now wait for about 1 minute,go back to the group you wish to send message to and boom you will see a message bar, type in your message and send.

If you found out it worked, kindly leave a comment below and if it don't work kindly leave a comment in the comment section and we will tell you what you did wrong.


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