How To Make $1000 Each Time Someone Makes A Call(Make Money Online 2022)

how to make money online each time someone makes a call? How to make money online as a teen, make money online 2022
pay per call

1,000+$1000+$1000+$1000+$1000+$1000+$1000 equals $7000, that is what you will get each time someone makes a call via your unique link which i will show you how to get.

See video tutorial below:

The truth is that they are lot of firms and companies that need people to call them and if you are the one bringing people to call them, trust me you will be making a whooping profit without doing anything.

In this post as you can see on the title, i will show you the method, this method is the latest, fastest and best way to make money online in 2022. 

So you will wanna stick around with me to the end to find out the nitty gritty of this business model.


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With that been said let's dive right in....

This business model is called the PPC system which in full stand for pay per call.

You get paid when you bring people from a specific country  to call a particular firm or company.

This firms are willing to pay you $100-$1000 whenever someone make a call with your link.

If you think this pay is just a make up, then take a look at the screenshots below

Having seeing that, i will walk you through on how you can go out there and make that money with this new business model.

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1. A smartphone

2. Active internet connection

3. 1-2 hours of your time daily

4. Facebook and twitter

5. This full guide

Follow this post step by step to make that money easily in 2022.



  1. Join A Pay Per Call Network
  2. Select An Offer
  3. Get Your Unique Tracking CodE
  4. Promote Your Offer

1. Make research for pay per call offers

98% of you reading this don't know this business model and probably you may not know how to join a pay per call network.

First of all head over to

Offervault is a platform where different cpa and affiliate marketing networks Come to list their offers.

 Offervault will then  arrange it with the company's name, the amount they are willing to pay and the link to apply for the offer.  We looking to make money online will then go there and choose what to promote.

Now since we are promoting a pay per call offer, head over to offervault and in the search bar, punch in the keyword "pay per call"  and boom in few seconds, you will be displayed different pay per call offers

You can see in the image above, the payout of this offers are huge.


Now select the offer that won't just pay you much but what you think people will call for and make sure you select offers in the USA, UK, Australia e.t.c, because they pay huge and they easily convert.

 In my case i choose the law court and car accident offer to promote.

Reasons why is because you can easily find people in the USA who once had accident and you can easily find people in the USA who need a lawyer.

Note: Below are the  things to look out when selecting an offer

1. Top Tier Countries

2. Choose High Paying Offers

3. Choose A High In Demand Offer

3. Join a pay per call network

Since we don't know pay per call networks like we know affiliate networks and we can  easily find them on offervault.

Offervault isn't a pay per call network, like i explained earlier, offervault is a affiliate and cpa listing network.

You go there, scan through available offers and then click the one you wish to promote.

On the next page, it will display you other information you need to know about the offer and they will provide you the link to the pay per call network.

All you need to do is click that link and go to the website and simply sign up.

The big deal in this business model is that chances of being approve is 40%. Not if you are lucky enough, you can never be approved. 

Well if you want me to share a secret of getting approved quickly, i will still urge you to join my whatsapp group and telegram channel, i will be sharing to everyone of my followers how to get approved quickly into this networks. So ensure to join and make that money.


The next thing to do is to get your unique link. 

Note that you cannot get your unique tracking link if you don't join one of the pay per call network.

It is really a big deal to get approve to such networks to promote their pay per call offers. This companies are usually picky on who they choose, but when you are luckily you may get  approved.

Make sure you applied for atleast 10-15 offers so as to increase your chances of getting approved.

Or simply join one of our community to get updated when i share my tricks on getting approved quickly

It took me 3 days to get approved just like google , so try to spy to many offers.

When you are successfully approved, on your dashboard you will see your unique tracking code, copy it and then start promoting it.


The place you have to spend 1-2 hours of your time daily is promoting the offers you choose and since you're targeting a specific country, you need to be creative, smart and keep reading this post.

We will be looking at 2 most effective ways to promote this offers to make people call this firms or company's.


Facebook is my NO.1 but not as effective as the one you will see later on.

When i say use Facebook, it doesn't mean you should go to Facebook and start posting, telling people to call this firm, it doesn't work that way.

If you are using Facebook to promote, go to groups that are filled with the people you are targeting, instead of posting to the group, message the members one after the other, make friends with them and later on bring up the talk of them calling this firm or company.

You know this method is stressful but imagine chatting up 10 people and you will be payed $500 for each call and 5 
people make a call, you see that is a huge profit of $2,500.

So keep 1-2 hours of your time daily to promote this pay per call offer.


Twitter is the most effective way to do this, in twitter just a simple search on the search bar will bring you results of profitable results.

If you promoting a law court offer, simply punch in the keyword "i need a lawyer" in the search bar and boom you see people posting that they need a lawyer, simply love the posts and reply them, referring them to call the law court firm if they need lawyer.

Make sure your reply will move them, that is why i left the video above before making the post. Simply watch the video to get idea on how to write a good converting reply.

Make sure to atleast reply 12-30 people daily and trust me you will be smilling to your hardwork.

Those are the 2 ways to promote any pay per call offers and if you have any other in mind, you can as well share in the comment section, you might be helping others.

In conclusion make sure you are creative here. 

If you found value in this post or you have any question, please make sure you to leave a comment in the comment section.

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