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How To Get Free Instagram Followers And Likes For Free{Super Easy}

How To Get Free Instagram Followers And Likes For Free{Super Easy}, how do i get free instagram followers for free?

Hello guys, am John from phlexnaija and welcome to this great website.

You are here because you may have searched for how to get more Instagram followers or you saw my post somewhere and you pick interest to check it out.

I want to let you know that you won't regret reading this.

They are lot of apps and website that promises you free Instagram followers and likes but at the end they go contrary to their promises.

It is either you are rewarded fake/inactive follower or in most cases you may not even see the followers or likes.

In this post like you saw in the title, i will work you on the process i used to accumulate unlimited Instagram followers  and like without trying.

I won't refer you to Any app that will waste your time and at the end you drop bad reviews on this post.

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With that been said let's dive right into what we are here for.

Please read carefully to avoid asking un-necessary question at the end.


They are lot of reasons why having and growing an Instagram account gives. 

If you are a web owner, you will know that to get the best out if your website you need people to keep coming and that is one of the reason you need to grow an Instagram account.

If you are business owner, you can use this trick to even get new customers while finding instagram followers and likes because this people are real humans Instagram followers without stress.

The likes in Instagram post makes Instagram to push that post , which means that you get Instagram followers organically without any work.


1. An active Instagram account

2. 3g or 4g enable smartphone

3. Good internet connection

4. Telegram channel

5. This complete guide.


We will be using one telegram useful bot to achieve this, this simply means that you will not have to waste your time visiting any website or downloading any additional app to your phone.

The bot is inside the telegram app called LikeFollowbot - Instagram Pod, this bot have really help me to get real Instagram followers.

Follow the steps below to start getting Instagram followers immediately after reading this post.

1. Download the latest version of telegram from playstore

2. Now visit the instagram followers bot by clicking here

Note: please read to end before going to try it out

3. You will be taken to the bots message interface

4. Now click on the start button to allow the bot give you instructions on what to do

5. The bot will give you a brief description on what it can do

6. Simply enter your Instagram  username in the space the bot ask you to put it.e.g iam_mc_syko or https://Instagram.com/mc_syko

7. You can see in the image below, the bot will send you how to control it.

  • It send you Instagram profile
  • You follow it
  • The bot then verifies it and then gives you your reward known as cookies.

8. You will receive one cookie when someone follows you and you give 2 cookies to the person that follows you.

9. But before doing this the bot will reward you 10 cookies for a start. And immediately you receive the 10 cookies you will get Instagram followers of real himan immediately.

10. After claiming your welcome reward, you can then start following the person the bot shows to you.

NOTE : You can always request to follow more people to get more reward and by so doing you get followers too.

 Also you can now see that you need more cookie reward to get free instagram followers.

 You can as well skip any person you don't wish to follow because the country logo of every user will be shown near the instagram username.

 You can share your referral link to people when they successfully register, you get more cookies which brings free real insta followers and likes.

11. To get more followers/cookies simply click the i am ready to follow button.


I cannot recommend any other way to get free Instagram followers because this alone works and it is tested and trusted.

You can start trying it immediately and share your outcome in our WhatsApp or telegram group and as well as our comment section. 

Hello Am John Onyedum, i am a web designer, researcher, graphic designer, content creator, tech guru and that happy guy you can trust๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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