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How To Browse Download And Stream Anything With Mtn Tik Tok Bundle(N200 For 2GB, N50 For 200MB)

The most interesting part of any data cheats is when you can use a specific data bundle to many things.

The most interesting part of any data cheats is when you can use a specific data bundle to many things.

Just like the mtn tik tok bundle used to access only the tik tok website and app you can also use it to browse and download anything with the help of this provided us on this post.

Same also applies to MTN Mpulse data bundle, N200 For 1GB and N50 For 350MB you can only use the mtn mpulse data bundle to acces thepulse website but with some simple tricks provided by us you can also use it to browse and download on any app.

The mpulse cheat is updated do well to check it out on this blog.

Am show you all reading this have already know how to make a subscription to mtn tik tok bundle and you all have already make purchase, now in this post i will show you how you activate browsing anything with the tik tok bundle.

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With that been said let's dive right.


 1. A smartphone

2. MTN sim card already with the tik tok bundle subscription(Check subscription code here!)

3. The two tunneling VPN(download below!)

4. The Set up guide......

Ensure you follow this post till the end, relax while reading it. Ensure you have the basic requirement which most especially the tik tok bundle subscription(check code here!) and pay attention ao as not to go contrary to the set up guide and later flag rhis post as a post that isn't working.

With that been said let's proceed....


With the help of aone tuneling VPn one can now do many things. This vpn offers free internet access and it is really alot of people even me๐Ÿ˜Š

The advantage of this tuneling vpns is that everything is updated and done for you all you have to do is select tour network(e.g mtn tik tok bundle) and next tap on  connect and boom you are good to go with your unlimited browsing, so.e requires a config fikes like the MTN MPULSE DATA CHEAT 2022.


1. First download the edoztunnel pro vpn(download here!)

2. Install and open it, it will be updated automatically if not so do it manually but make sure you have little mb to update tge tweaks anything 1mb is okay

3. On the homepage click on servers and select NG-MTN-TIK-TOK-UPD-WS

4. WHEN you select the servers, the next thing for you to do is to select the tweak. Select MTN-TIK-TOK-BUNDLE as your tweak

5. Finally tap on the start button, in few seconds you will be connected

6. Minimize and start browsing....

#Note: This is using the edoztunnel vpn which is first on my list. Keep reading to see the second one incase this doesn't work well for you.


1. First download the EC TUNNEL pro VPN(download here!)

2. Install and open the VPN.

3. The tweaks should be updated automatically if not so do it manually by tapping the three dot at the top right of the app and click update config. You should have atleast 1MB.

4. On the Homepage, click on servers and select UNITED STATES Either  1 or 2.

5. After selecting the servers, still on the homepage click on tweaks. Select NG|MTN TIK TOK BUNDLE

6. Finally click in the starr button for it to connect

7. Minimize and start browsing your desires.

Note: The amount of subscription you purchase for the tik tok bundle determines your usage of this trick but know that you can always buy more and accumulate whenever the subscription finish. (Check subscription code here!)

In conclusion, all i have to say to all mtn users is enjoy.......

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