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How To Get More WhatsApp Status Views Easily(1000+ In 3 Days)

They are lot of reasons why you really want to grow your whatsapp status views and majority of them is to make money. And luckily for you, in this
How to increase whatsapp status views

Hello guys, am John from phlexnaija and welcome to this blog.

You're here because you may have searched for how to get more WhatsApp status views easily or you saw my posts somewhere and pick up interest to know what this post would contain.

They are lot of reasons why you really want to grow your whatsapp status views and majority of them is to make money.

And luckily for you, in this post as you see on the title, i will show you how to get those WhatsApp status views without even paying a dime.


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If you read to the end there is a bonus for you all reading this post, so you wouldn't wanna miss it.

With that been said let's dive right in..

How To Get More WhatsApp Status Views?

This is in only two simple steps which i will explain briefly.


What i mean here is straight forward, and it is in two easy  steps, which other way you wish to follow is better.

1. create a WhatsApp group offering to teach something you know much about and you know that many people want to learn more on that particular knowledge you wish to share, it may be how to bake, how to cook, e.t.c, whatever you know people want to learn.

Now go to the group and copy the group link and then share it to as many social media platform for people to see it and join.

That is the first step

2. If you don't want to pass through the stress of creating and bringing more people to the group, then this second step will be easy for you.

Join other groups that have many and active  members and engage in the conversation, make people to begin to notice you.

Afterwards,  then that  take us to the next step.


Maybe you've created your own group or you joined other groups, but your main aim is to get people to be in your contact and they should have yours too, which in return makes you have more WhatsApp status views.

Follow this step to get WhatsApp status views.

Head over to wawebpro.com by clicking here. Wawebpro is the web version of WhatsApp that gives you many features to use WhatsApp creatively.

If you are going to wawebpro on your mobile device please follow this step to succesfully get WhatsApp status views immediately..


Before you get access  to wawebpro, you will need to scan the QR code on the WhatsApp website, so to access WhatsApp web you need 2 phones

Pick up phone 1 and  Open wawebpro.com on your chrome browser, make sure you are on desktop mode, when you get there you will see something like in the image below

You can see in the image, there's a QR CODE, now for you to be logged in to the wawebpro, you will need the second phone to scan the qr code.

Make sure this phone has your WhatsApp already active.

Head over to your mobile WhatsApp and in the home section you will see  three dot at the top right hand side of your mobile whatsapp, click on it 

On the menu click on the Linked device option.

You will be promted to a place you will be provided a scanning option to scan the QR CODE you once saw on the wawebpro website.

Now pick up the first phone you use in opening wawebpro and use the second phone to scan the QR CODE.

If you are using xender to share files, you should be familiar with scanning QR CODES to connect to someone else device.

Automaticaly you will be logged in to your current WhatsApp you already have but has a different  user interface.

P.S: If you don't have two phones, you can use your friend's phone to open wawebpro and use your own phone to scan the QR CODE.

Note: If you are using PC/LAPTOP to do this, follow the same step like the way i explained for mobile.

When you login the wawebpro, now locate the group you once created or you've join, click on the group info section, scroll down a little bit to the member section, click on the export to file option.

This simply means whatsapp will give you option to export the phone numbers in the group  and save it in your phone's library.

When you click on the export to file option, you will be given three file format to save the number. VCF, CSV and XLSX are  the only format you can save the number into.

Since your target is to get WhatsApp status views, we are going to be saving this groups phone numbers in a VCF format. KEEP READING TO FIND OUT WHY.

It will be downloaded to your phone file library, make sure you save the file where you can easily locate it later.

When the vcf file is downloaded to your phone library, now head over to the group you downloaded their phone numbers and upload the vcf file and tell them to download it. Anyone that download the file, that person will begin to view your whatsapp status and you too will begin to see theirs.

If you want people in the group to download the vcf file, make sure you are always active and engaging in the group and you can later post something like, 
Trust me whenever someone come across it, he must download it because anyone using whatsapp wants many people to view their status.

It is advisable to edit and format the numbers before you share the file to the group. So you can download the best vcf file editing app here.


I promised you earlier that i will give you a bonus. I have created a group, where i will always drop vcf file without you passing through the stress, you can  >>>CLICK HERE<<< to join the whatsapp group.

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